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The 5 Best Energy Boosting Supplements

The 5 Best Energy Boosting Supplements

Maximizing your energy is a critical component to being your best in every aspect of your life. We all want to have enough quality energy each day to give our best at work and then be able to fully engage with our family and friends at the end of the day.

I’ve blogged in the past about why your energy is so important. In this post I want to highlight 5 supplements that you can help you maximize your health and energy levels.

Before I move into the supplements, it’s important to know that the supplement industry is one of the most unregulated industries in the world. Be aware that manufacturers can make claims in their marketing that are unfounded and misleading. Also, there is no regulating body that ensures the consumer is getting the quality and amount of ingredients that a bottle claims.

I suggest avoiding supplements that lack scientific research to support marketing claims. I also suggest only using reputable companies that have established credibility. You pay a little more for the product, but you will have piece of mind that the ingredient are high quality. It’s always a smart idea to consult your physician about your … Read More >

5 Ways to Be Your Best Everyday

Be Your Best - Dr. Jason Jones

One way to build your personal and professional brand is to commit to being you best each day. But it’s a choice you have to make.

While many wake up each morning wondering how their day will go, high achievers wake up ready to make the day great. The successful create daily habits that builds a foundation for good things to happen.

Each day that you practice your success habits, you reinforce your confidence in your ability to be your best. Just like professional athletes complete a pre-performance routine that gets their mind focused and sets the stage for success, you can do the same.

Here are five habits you can use each day that will help you be your best. If you don’t like these, create your own set.

1. Start the day with gratitude. Reflecting on the good things in your life will start the day with energy. Being grateful and recognizing you alone are not responsible for the all the good things in your life centers your mindset and puts life in perspective. It’s a way to reflect on how you have been blessed and gifted.

2. Dress for success. Take pride in the way you dress … Read More >

How Sitting Kills Motivation & Health

Chair Pic

It sneaks up on us. We don’t even realize how long we do it each day. And it’s one of the quickest ways to obstruct our physical energy and motivation.

I’m talking about sitting.

The average person sits about 7.7 hours each day and the research tells us that this amount is too much and is a contributing factor of disease and hinders metabolic health.

The research reminds us that the more body movement we create throughout the day the better oxygen can move freely through our blood and the more energy we will have, both physical and mental.

Movement not only benefits our health, it’s also the foundation of our motivation. The work chair and the couch at home can be one of the largest barriers to our energy and drive.  Looking for opportunities to stand rather than sit can give you a health, energy, and motivation boost. This boost can lead to increases in vitality, productivity, higher engagement and performance.

I ran across the following infographic at It’s a great reminder of why we have to be intentional about integrating movement into our everyday work or we risk poor health, disease, and hinder our ability to … Read More >

The 5 Habits of Maximum Motivation eBook

Dr Jason JonesDo you feel like there are times when you need a kick in the pants to get going? Do you wish you had more mental or physical energy that would help you finish important projects or engage at a higher level?

This is the reason I wrote my latest ebook, The 5 Habits of Maximum Motivation. If you’ve kept up with my blog you know I focus on the science of motivation both in life and work. Because of this, I get many questions related to personal motivation or how to motivate employees. The most popular question I get is about how a person can sustain healthy motivation over the long-haul. The question proposed is usually something like, “How can I get motivated and not lose it?”

In my new ebook, I share the 5 habits that you can create in your life that will support high, positive, and sustainable motivation. Most people have one or two of these habits in their lives already. What I share in this ebook will show you what you may be missing and challenge you to make all 5 habits a part of your daily life.

I feel so strongly about the message Read More >

The 5 Inhibitors of Motivation

Dr. Jason Jones

Reality shows have captured the minds and hearts of TV watchers for many years now. We are all intrigued by getting an inside view of what people think during difficult experiences and how people respond, both good and bad, to the adversities of the game.

Every person on the show has motivation to achieve or win. What’s interesting to me is how people react when the novelty of their situation wears off. When each realizes that the odds aren’t in his or her favor. When REAL reality hits and they realize their reputation is at stake and millions of people are watching their every move. 

When this happens you can see people give up hope. They want to quit. Motivation dies.  

Motivation science has provided a better understanding of human behavior and interaction. It has given us a much clearer picture of the activators of energy and drive in any situation.

But what about the deactivators? What about the things that get in the way of our motivation and energy? Our thoughts and behaviors can help cultivate our motivation but can also do just the opposite. Certain behaviors can actually stand in the way of your ability to generate daily … Read More >

The Dark Side of Goals

Goal Setting

Goals are great and they are certainly a scientifically proven method for achieving the outcomes we have in mind.  But while goals help us focus on our desired achievements, they can easily become the very thing that keeps us from being truly successful in life. Don’t see me as a pessimist — I’m far from it. I’ve just seen too many people and heard too many stories about personal failures that have come from goals gone bad.

So how do goals go bad? Here are a few examples.

Goals can become obsessions – A person becomes overly focused on goals of personal achievement to the detriment of more important priorities in life.

Goals can become too self-focused – A person gets tunnel vision and forgets that a goal is best pursued and achieved with the support, encouragement, and help of others.

Goals can redefine how we measure success – A person can easily believe his/her self-worth is dependent upon reaching certain goals. Goals alone should not be a measure of a person’s significance or success in life.

Am I saying not to set goals? No, not at all. Goals are a key motivational force we can leverage to achieve. We … Read More >

How to Create Laser Focus


In our fast-paced work environment it is difficult to find time to give focused attention to the things that require deep thinking and contemplation. Multitasking has consumed our workday and quick decision making is an absolute necessity if we want to keep up. In my work, I’ve found that neglecting to take the time to focus my thinking results in a lack of thought expansion, creativity, and innovation.

I’ve been on a journey over the past year to find ways to better focus on some key projects and ideas. I’ve tried a number of techniques to determine what helps me to dial in my thinking. I’ve found that I have to be very intentional about how I plan my time of focus and how I manage my energy during this time.

Here are my 4 Steps to Creating Laser Focus.

1. Schedule time for focused thought. Make sure you are putting time on your calendar for focused thinking. For most of us, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done. This time is not just of value to you, but it’s of great value to your company. Every organization needs leaders who take time to be contemplative and strategic. … Read More >

5 Ways to Build a Positive Brain

A considerable amount of research has accumulated over the past decade on the topics of optimism and positivity. It is now very clear that a person’s level of optimism not only impacts his/her personal life, but there is solid evidence that a person’s level of optimism can actually predict his/her performance on the job. In fact, one study found that only 25% of a person’s job performance was predicted by the person’s intelligence level, while 75% of job performance was predicted by the person’s level of optimism, social support, and ability to see stress as a challenge (Horn & Arbuckle, 1988; Estrata, Isea, & Young, 1997)

Other studies clearly show high levels of optimism and positivity supports job success, productivity, resilience, positive work relationships, and even specific job outcomes like sales volume. One of the most interesting findings is that the higher level of optimism a person has the more receptive the person’s brain becomes to learning, change, and adaptability through higher levels of dopamine.

These studies point to the fact that our ability to determine how we perceive and handle our circumstances can have a significant impact on our career achievement and our life satisfaction and happiness. We can … Read More >

Disconnect to Connect

Always connected seems to be our new reality. Mobile technology has given us more work flexibility and entertainment than we ever thought possible. Although convenient, it’s an invitation for continual disconnection to the important things in life.  As people who want to impact the lives of others in a positive way, we must intentionally disconnect to enable real connection with what’s most important. This video communicates this better than any I have seen. Let’s make sure we don’t miss the important moments of life!

How to Become a Morning Person

Getting up early in the morning can be a great strategy for making sure you have time to do the things you want to do. In this video, I share 3 ideas that helped me become a morning person (even though I am naturally not one) and get more things done everyday.

Why Your Personal Energy Is So Important

It’s evident that more people and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) are becoming increasing interested in how to maximize energy. The reasoning is simple, the more energy a person has the more she or he will be able to fully engage in whatever activity is at hand. In our energy draining world, where many of us work in energy depleting environments, and sometimes with energy sucking people, the skill of maintaining and even optimizing our energy is a key factor of personal and professional success. I am convinced that without optimized energy, it becomes very difficult to effectively focus, engage, and persevere in the activities and experiences that lead us consistently on our mission path.

I like what Jim Loehr says about energy in his book The Corporate Athlete Advantage, “Just like the sun’s energy spawns life in plants, and plants spawn life in humans, we spawn life in whatever we give our energy to.”

As you think about your personal energy development, I’d encourage you to think about the following dimensions that work interdependently and make up the fabric of your life energy.

Physical Energy is the energy that is created by the nutrients and oxygen that you … Read More >

Energy for Life (Part 6) – Increasing Your Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is the core of your energy reservoir and gives life to your physical, emotional, and mental dimensions of life. Living for something greater than yourself and discovering your unique contribution will increase your passion and invigorate your life. In this video, I share a process for beginning the journey of spiritual energy development.

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